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Kristy Ramos, Sunflowers & Scissors

I am Kristy Ramos, the face behind the brand Sunflowers & Scissors. I'm a mama to 3 beautiful daughters 1st, small business owner, curly hairstylist, & an independent traveling curly hair educator for hairstylists that want to expand their curly hair skills. I created my salon suite Curls By Sunflowers And Scissors to have a safe space dedicated to celebrating YOUR natural hair. 

I am a self taught curly stylist along with learning other techniques along the way that all helped me cultivate my own take on approaching curls. 

My inspiration for my work comes from music & fashion. My eye has always gravitated towards structure & texture, my favorite fashion designers are Alexander McQueen & Thierry Mugler. The biggest music influence in my personal & hair life is the iconic Prince.

I hope that my work being a curly hair educator teaching other stylists about curls as a woman & POC brings a change in my industry to showcase a more diverse & inclusive group of stylists to the forefront.

When I'm not working behind the chair or traveling for my classes, I love to go thrifting, listen to music, & watch nerdy 80's & 90's movies.

Award, Year
Award, Year
Award, Year

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