Welcome curlfriends! 

My name is Kristy Ramos and I am a naturally curly hair specialist. Teaching people with curly hair how to understand, embrace, and love their curls is at the forefront of what I do. 

My passion for curls comes from being a curly girl myself who struggled with loving my own hair for a long time, and my very long journey of learning how to appreciate, take care of, and maintain my hair. When I pursued being a hairstylist, I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to be a stylist who could help people with curly hair learn how to dig deeper into figuring out their own unique and beautiful hair. 

I got the opportunity to attend the DevaCurl Academy in New York City and that experience completely opened my eyes to the world of curly hair. It ignited a spark that affirmed for me that I should really concentrate on working with what I love the most when it comes to hair, and that is curls, curls, curls! 

Along with working behind the chair, I am an independent educator helping teach hairstylists how to approach cutting, styling, assessing curls, and share the business behind textured hair.

My inspiration for curls comes from fashion, music, art, and quirky pop culture. I love Prince, thrift shopping, and Starbucks! 

I am forever a student to the craft of hair, and I am always taking classes to learn more about different techniques for curls. 

Peace, light, & healthy curls,